abby kasonik


Untitled Colombia

green painting purple Kasonik hill Colombia
Untitled Colombia, 2017, 37.5 x 37.5" (36 x 36"), acrylic on canvas, $4200


Cyanotype Pair

Cyanotype Pair, 2017, 11.75 x 14.75", cyanotype on watercolor paper 
(Framed in pickled oak)


Holiday Open Studio

Friday December 8th, 12-7pm 

parking is limited


pink ink

20 x 20"


kasonik painting blue cliff cloud fog
Untitled, 2017, 36 x 36", acrylic on canvas, $4200


I think they might be ships

I try to keep my paintings somewhat ambiguous, and it's always interesting to hear the things that people see in them. I don't know what you'll see, but I think they might be ships.....

ships purple kasonik haze clouds

Untitled Purple, 36 x 36" acrylic and pencil on canvas, 2017, $4200



I'm just getting ready to put the final glazing on this one and order a (silver) frame.
36 x 36" 2017, acrylic on hardboard (sold)

kasonik pink mountain cloud filed blue abstract


Old Wall, New Work

I'm surprised to find that my these intensely saturated pieces look so at home on this quiet textured wall.  #CONTRAST 
I guess I have always liked the look of old and new together... 

Untitled Drawings, 25.5 x 33" (each), mixed media on watercolor paper, 2017, $1500 each (sold)

mixed media old wall chalk energy lines


here it comes....

abby kasonik painting blue mysterious object headed your way
Untitled (approach), 2017, acrylic on hardboard, 36 x 36", $4200


marks marks marks

60 x 60" mixed media on canvas



roderick coles kasonik blue fog horizon cloud blur

This is a new piece that I just finished and framed (silver).  
Untitled, 2017, acrylic on hardboard,  35 x 35" (sold)

(photographed with some snazzy pieces from The Curious Orange Store)



Im trying to find places to take pictures of my work in my new pad, and it's a leeetle tricky.  Fortunately I found this snazzy bookcase above M's bed that has nice light.  UNfortunately, it's the only spot I have, sooooo you might be seeing a lot of bookcase.

the 2 blues have just been recently reframed and I'm very pleased with the result. 


swirl it

abby kasonik mixed media chalk watercolor ink

This is a new piece I just finished today... the first one made in our new house. 
I don't yet have a studio to take snazzy photos in, so I'm working with what's here.  

25.5 x 33", mixed media on paper, 2017 (sold)


The Women's Initiative

This year, the Women's Initiative had a big group of regional artists donate work, and 
I'm happy to say the auction brought $23,000.00 to help women in need.
Good job ladies! 

This is the piece I donated.  (20 x 20" ink on Yupo paper) I think it found a good home.  



Cyanotypes1-3, 28.5 x 21.5" (two in birch frames, one in white), 2017, $800.00/each
One more white to come....

cyanotype blue cloud

cyanotype, blue , cloud

cloud landscape blue cyanotype



Green (closer closer closer)

Another new mixed media drawing.  This one has gone to Scarpa

Green, 25.5 x 33" framed, 2017, mixed media on paper, $1500 (sold)


a pair of drawings

25 x 33"






color study in blue

blue, ink on yupo, 20 x 20", $1200



ink watercolor paint indigo abby kasonik

ink, watercolor, paint, 


the stuff between

25.5 x 33" each


duck duck GOOSE!

Christmas is coming, is your goose getting fat? My goose isn't fat, but she was up half the night making everybody within earshot tired.  Oh well, goslings are like that I guess.

So, Christmas IS coming, and this year I am prepared.  Every year I'm asked about small work for Xmas gifts, and for once, I can say yes.  YES, I have six watercolor and pencil paintings in silver frames.  They are aprox 25 x 33 x 1", and the watercolors are floated on a bright white mat.  There are 2 pinks, 2 greens, and 2 yet to be determined... possibly gray.  I think they are lovely and would make a great gift.  

Get you one.  

(more photos to come)


Blue View

These are a series of cyanotypes made by folding paper and letting the sun, and the shadows from the paper, create imaginary landscapes.  Some look like the ocean, or a tornado just about to touch down, and some like icebergs, or deserts.   There are 30 in this piece, to be framed in silver.  Approximately 36 x 48"