abby kasonik


duck duck GOOSE!

Christmas is coming, is your goose getting fat? My goose isn't fat, but she was up half the night making everybody within earshot tired.  Oh well, goslings are like that I guess.

So, Christmas IS coming, and this year I am prepared.  Every year I'm asked about small work for Xmas gifts, and for once, I can say yes.  YES, I have six watercolor and pencil paintings in silver frames.  They are aprox 25 x 33 x 1", and the watercolors are floated on a bright white mat.  There are 2 pinks, 2 greens, and 2 yet to be determined... possibly gray.  I think they are lovely and would make a great gift.  

Get you one.  

(more photos to come)


Blue View

These are a series of cyanotypes made by folding paper and letting the sun, and the shadows from the paper, create imaginary landscapes.  Some look like the ocean, or a tornado just about to touch down, and some like icebergs, or deserts.   There are 30 in this piece, to be framed in silver.  Approximately 36 x 48"

watercolor and pencil

I'm working on some new things... small papery things, things easily handled and things that can be done in a basement if necessary.  I'm thinking about my upcoming move, and the time I will be without a studio.  It seemed like a good idea to get into the groove with some projects that I could work on while the new studio was being built.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Both are on 22 x 30" paper.