abby kasonik



i like a painting with STUFF. 
 i do.  
beside, around, next to, in front of…. it just looks right that way to me.  
 The Curious Orange Store

get some.


toot toot (that's my horn you hear)

you probably think the picture is not in focus….BUT YOU'D BE WRONG DONKEY-KONG! 
the whole painting has a soft atmosphere, except the front left edge of the cloud. 

you should see it in person. 

18 x 18" mixed media on hardboard, 2014, $2200 (framed)


Before work


we have one cherry tree, but like a chihuahua, this tree is absolutely convinced of its hugeness. yesterday i pitied cherries for 5 hours… and that was just a 2 day haul.  10 pitted quarts.  
that's a lot o' cherries people.    




46 x 42" acrylic on hardboard, 2014 sold